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Articles from the JAMA Network

Firearm Legislation and Firearm-Related Fatalities in the United States

Responding to the Crisis of Firearm Violence in the United States

Mental Illness and New Gun Law Reforms: The Promise and Peril of Crisis-Driven Policy

A Systematic Plan for Firearms Law Reform

Curbing Gun Violence: Lessons From Public Health Successes

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Silencing the Science on Gun Research

Protecting the Patient-Physician Relationship in Florida

Firearm Injuries as a Public Health Issue


Gunshot wounds and deaths cost Americans at least $12 billion a year in court proceedings, insurance costs and hospitalizations paid for by government health programs, according to a recent study by the National Institute of Justice.

“A USA TODAY analysis of FBI records has identified 186 mass killings since 2006. That includes 146 mass shootings, which are defined by the FBI as incidents where four or more people are killed. Nearly half of those involved someone killing family members.”

mass shooting

From HHS via NVSS:

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 2.59.12 PM

Cause of Adult Deaths in U.S.  (source Health and Human Services

Cause of Adult Deaths in U.S. (Source: Health and Human Services)

Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 2.56.01 PM

Leading causes of death state-by-state Deaths: Leading causes Adobe PDF file [PDF 2.8 MB].
Leading cause of death state-by-state previous years http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/mortality/lcwk9.htm

From the CDC: Leading causes of death in the United States

  • Heart disease: 597,689
  • Cancer: 574,743
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859
  • Alzheimer’s disease: 83,494
  • Diabetes: 69,071
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,476
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,097
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 38,364

Source: Deaths: Final Data for 2010, table 10 Adobe PDF file [PDF – 3.1 MB]

More Data

KEY Findings in CDC data (source CDC)

  • The top two causes, Diseases of heart (heart disease) and cancer, accounted for 47.9% of all deaths in 2009.
  • Completing the top 10 for 2009 were Alzheimer’s disease (6th), Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) (7th), Influenza and pneumonia (8th), kidney disease (9th), and suicide (10th)
  • In 2009, the 10 leading causes of death accounted for about 75% of all deaths occurring in the United States.
  • The rank order of causes in 2009 remained unchanged from 2008 .
  • The number of deaths due to three causes increased in 2009 from 2008: Intentional self-harm (suicide) by 2.4%; Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis (kidney disease), 1.4%; and Malignant neoplasms(cancer), 0.4%.
  • The number of deaths for each of the other leading causes decreased during this period. The largest decreases were observed for Influenza and pneumonia at 4.6%; Alzheimer’s disease, 4.2%; Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke), 4.0%; and Accidents (unintentional injuries), 3.2%.

In Britain mugging is more common than in Harlem.

The Economist reports:

“According to data from America’s National Safety Council, 27 people died in 2008 in America from contact with dogs (a one in 11m chance of death). The chart below compares the odds of dying in any given year from choking, cycling, being struck by lightning or stung by a bee.”



Trend: Do You Have a Gun in Your Home?

Trend: Do You Feel That the Laws Covering the Sale of Firearms Should Be Made More Strict, Less Strict, or Kept as They Are?

Reporting Resources:
(From The Washington Post)

From New York Times Archive

A list of resources from around the Web about veterans as selected by Journalist’s Resource, a project of the Shorenstein Center at Harvard.

FRONTLINE: Raising Adam Lanza
PBS NewsHour: The Science of Violence & the Brain
Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 10.49.34 AM
NOVA: Mind of a Rampage Killer
After Newtown: The Path to Violence

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 10.51.04 AM
After Newtown: Guns in America

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 10.54.12 AM


NRA’s electoral influence


How much did the NRA spend in your district in the 2010 midterm elections? See how NRA-backed candidates fared in your community.

Interactive Map

511 officers down


Have police officers been killed in your community? Learn more with our interactive map.

Interactive Map

[]How guns move across state lines

Is your state a gun importer or exporter? Where do its guns go to, and where do they come from?


[]Time to crime in Virginia

At one Virginia gun store, guns moved quickly from sales counter to crime.


Protecting themselves from the ATF

The ATF’s odyssey of trying to revoke the license of one Maryland dealer.




A city rebounds from gun, gang violence


In 2007, there were seven slayings in National City, Calif., involving guns. In the past three years there have been only three.

Mexican violence, U.S. guns


Authorities have struggled to keep U.S. firearms out of the hands of drug cartels as violence increases south of the border.

Photo Gallery

[]When cops become victims

Photos of some of the 511 police officers killed by guns since early 2000, and their families.

Photo gallery

[]Dealers on the front lines

Sellers say they work to keep guns out of the wrong hands — doing background checks and watching out for attempted “straw purchases” — but that there’s only so much they can do.


[]‘Outfitting private armies’

An ATF agent explains how Texas guns fuel Mexico’s drug war, and a killer reenacts shooting to death a Houston police officer.

Documentary Video

[]Tracing guns by hand

Staff at the ATF’s National Tracing Center fielded 300,000 requests last year.

Documentary Video

Bob’s Gun Shop

Shop owner Robert Marcus said he turns away a suspicious buyer almost every day.

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