A Non-Partisan Resource for Journalists


I have a simple goal for this website.  I want to help journalists cover the complex and politically tricky topic of guns and gun control. But this is NOT a pro or anti gun site. I strive to present as many sides of the story as I can. You will see links to the NRA and to anti gun sites.

Disclosure: I am a gun owner, and grew up around guns.  I am not a hunter but I do enjoy occasionally going to the gun range and shooting paper targets or plinking off soda bottles with a .22.   I appreciate the culture of guns, especially among the country folk I grew up with in Kentucky.  And, as a reporter for several decades now, I have seen my share of gun violence and tragedy.  I get why there is an outcry to do something.  But what?

I am against simple quick-fix solutions that solve nothing and create false hopes and grandstands on which politicians may perch.    On these web pages, you will see the complexity of the issues.  You will see how other countries have tried to do something about gun violence.  You will see what some of the best legal minds say about the Second Amendment. I will track the ongoing coverage from media.

I hope this helps journalists tell fuller more thoughtful and accurate stories.

That is all I want.

Al Tompkins

al w camera

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