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Most states have no “live-fire” training requirement to carry a weapon

From The Trace:
Typically, gun laws in blue states are stricter than they are in red states. But the split on live-fire mandates does not necessarily follow the usual partisan divide. Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina all require live-fire training. But New York and Massachusetts — which require permits not only to carry a gun but also to purchase one — do not. Nor do Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State, all of which require background checks on every gun sale. Even New York City — where gun permit applicants must undergo a selective, months-long process involving letters of necessity, character references, and multiple interviews with police — does not require applicants to learn how to shoot a gun before they can get a permit.

Eleven other states are considering permitless carry bills of their own, according to a Trace analysis. Six of them require live-fire training for a concealed gun permit: Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, and the Carolinas. If those states were to pass their bills, it would leave only 13 states with live-fire requirements.

At least one state has tightened its concealed carry training standards. California added a live-fire requirement in 2019; before that, training requirements were determined by county sheriffs, who issue permits in the state. Meanwhile, in Virginia, where January’s swearing in of Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin ended eight years of Democratic leadership, GOP lawmakers introduced a bill to remove the live-fire requirement for gun permits and let applicants take an online course instead.

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