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Some Dems back assault weapon bans and background checks

The mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso have focused attention on what, if any plans candidates in the 2020 election have to curb gun violence.  Many of the Democratic candidates have outlined gun control plans.  
St. Louis Public Radio has pulled together the plans that candidates have offered so far.

The most common themes are stronger background checks and some are proposing a ban on assault weapons.  Joe Biden, the early polls front-runner promises a plan sometime but offers no promises yet except to “defeat the NRA.” 

Kamala Harris is among those promoting an assault weapon ban.

Bernie Sanders promises:

  • Take on the NRA and its corrupting effect on Washington. The NRA has become a partisan lobbying public-relations entity for gun manufacturers, and its influence must be stopped.
  • Expand background checks.
  • End the gun show loophole. All gun purchases should be subject to the same background check standards.
  • Ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons. Assault weapons are designed and sold as tools of war. There is absolutely no reason why these firearms should be sold to civilians.
  • Prohibit high-capacity ammunition magazines.
  • Crack down on “straw purchases” where people buy guns for criminals.


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