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Gun Sales WAY Down in 2017

NPR reports that since Donald Trump took office, stock in gun companies is way off and background checks, an indication of gun sales, are way down.

Analysts say when gun purchases quickly spike a clear connection can be made to fear, politics, or both. Sales jump when people are fearful for their personal safety following tragedies such as school shootings or domestic terror attacks. Buyers snap up firearms when politicians respond to those events by calling for stronger gun control. And sales are higher with a Democrat in the White House is in position to pick Supreme Court justices.

Since Trump’s election, background checks have fallen three straight months from year-ago levels. And shops like Nova Firearms in McLean, Va., have detected a notable drop in sales of certain types of weapons such as AR-15 military-style semi-automatic rifles. During the heat of the campaign, says salesman Tom Jenkins, the shop couldn’t keep those weapons in stock. Customers were worried the rifles would be singled out for a ban by Hillary Clinton.



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